World First USB C iPhone Sold For $86,001

A student in robotics Ken Pillonel managed to mount an USB-C connection that worked on the iPhone the X This week, the prototype went up for sale. The auction closed last night and, after more than 116 biddings, the winning bid was valued at $86,001.

Sold on Ebay

The bid was stable at $85,000 the week before, and in the last couple of days, it was able to increase to $86,001. There were other bids higher than that, however they were later removed, including an improbable bid of $1 million, which was removed just under an hour after posting.

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According to Pillonel the first step was to ensure the electronics functioned, and then he reverse-engineered Apple’s C94 connector to design a

n entirely custom PCB that has an USB-C female port. After the schematics were created then the port was put into the phone and performed flawlessly.

The winner receives the “true piece of collection for any Apple fanboy out there” according to the engineer who said, but the new owner is not allowed to reset or erase, or update the device, and also make it a regular driver. It is not recommended to alter the internals either however, it’s not as though the warranty is void in the event that he does.