Upcoming New HDMI 2.1a spec to add source-based tone mapping for HDR

HDMI Forum, the substance answerable for giving and permitting HDMI norms, will report HDMI 2.1a at CES 2022. This is the following rendition of the most recent HDMI 2.1 standard that is presently accessible, and will carry with it source-based tone planning or SBTM.

As indicated by The Verge, SBTM empowers tone planning of HDR content on the source gadget rather than the presentation. This implies, on the off chance that you have a Blu-beam player connected to a TV and playing HDR content, the tone planning for the HDR content will be done on the Blu-beam player rather than the TV.

While the article doesn’t give any further subtleties, SBTM sounds strikingly like the TV-drove or Player-drove tone planning upheld by Dolby update Vision technology.

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Television drove tone planning is typically the default choice as it permits the TV or screen to tone map the approaching sign to the attributes of the presentation bringing about the best picture quality.

Nonetheless, a few gadgets and TV models, most quite the Xbox Series consoles and more established Sony TVs, support Player-drove tone planning for Dolby Vision, which does the tone planning on the source gadget with an end goal to lessen idleness and info slack yet by and large gives substandard picture quality.

It appears SBTM in HDMI 2.1a will work in much the same way and will probably have comparable result. By being made piece of the HDMI spec,

it ought to become open to all HDR norms, including HDR10 and HDR10+ without depending on Dolby Vision’s restrictive execution. Notwithstanding, it is not yet clear assuming the element has any striking potential gains over existing showcase based tone planning method