Tips to Buy in a Simple and Safe Way over the Internet

Online Shopping in Pakistan is the easiest way to have something without leaving home … but also an action that carries certain risks. With the pandemic and the confinements, these payments have increased greatly as well as the scams that try to scam the user.

How to Protect Credit Cards against Online Purchases on Sale

That is why it is always advisable to follow a series of guidelines, so as not to lose money or get into trouble that can end up in millionaire estates. Installing an antivirus, reviewing installed apps, keeping the operating system updated, monitoring shared devices and not using public Wi-Fi are just some of the recommendations for a safe purchase.

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Before Buying

The first step to a secure procurement or contracting is to set up all the devices with basic security and a good Internet Connection In addition, the ONEPLUS gives indications to know how to identify a secure business or website, as well as not to neglect the news about scams on the net with pushing, carding or false pages.

At the Time of Buying

Once you have everything pointed out and on the correct website, you will have to choose the payment method that suits you best without falling into the traps of the online world (sending cash, cash on delivery, transfer, payment by card or use of intermediaries). Likewise, you must have a profile as secure as possible on the page in question with a formal password, the activation of double verification or know when to save and when not to save information on payment methods.

After Buying

Once the payment is made, the user must be aware of all the rights, guarantees or claims that can be made if the order is not the one indicated. In the same way, your data must always be confidential, since there are laws to guarantee privacy and publicity resulting from the purchase of the product.


Finally, in case of incurring a scam or receiving the wrong order, the ONEPLUS shows three channels through which a claim can be made. Through the competent bodies in consumer affairs, through the Oneplus Pakistan itself, if it refers to personal data, or through police officers, if it is a crime, the consumer must always be protected by legal channels.

Decalogue of Basic Tips

  1. Make your purchases on pages that inspire you confidence.
  2. Make sure that the person in charge of the online store and its location is identified on the web
  3. Check that the online store is secure and provides you with all the information you need on the consumption and processing of personal data.
  4. If possible, use an exclusive use card to make online payments.
  5. Be wary of too attractive offers, as you could be facing a fraudulent website.
  6. Do not forget to check that your devices are configured correctly and the Internet connection is secure before providing your personal details or your payment details.
  7. Never send cash to complete a purchase. Choose your payment method carefully.
  8. Remember that businesses with trusted seals offer greater guarantees.
  9. You can withdraw from a purchase or contract without having to give explanations within 14 days.
  10. If you withdraw or make use of the guarantee, this should not have any cost for you, and this includes shipping costs.