The Smart Way To Modify APK File 2023

Initially, you got to find the APK file with. apk extension that you wish to edit or modify. Here are two precise ways to modify or edit any APK file this:

Firstly, you must have the revival flash able zip for the rom that you are presently on, only for opening it. Then, access to the exact file of editing for example and simply drag the APK file extension.

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What is the best way to modify or edit APK files?

Secondly, by using the root browser or any parallel APP for mobile phones available on your device, get access to it right to the .apk that you intend to modify and simply copy it the whole onto your SD card. After that simply connect your device with your computer and simply copy the file from your smart phone device to the computer.

Finally, it is the also important to install Winrar at this by using the following you got to open the.

Apk and right click on the file and open with Winrar.

There, you will get around the .apk file. Search for a file that exists inside the .apk that you need to edit or modify. Thus, drag the file from the APK and modify to your precise wish.  So, it is done modifying or editing of the APK file as per your wish. But, remember; never to entirely get everything out of the APK file and then place back it all back in. You have to do this one file at a time.