Tecno Introduces The World’s First Telescopic Macro Lens For Smartphones 2022

Tecno revealed the company’s shift technology for smartphones back in December and is making announcements about a telescopic lens that is expected to dramatically improve its quality for macro photos but also the experience using these shots.

It is a telephoto macro lens that extends out from the body as shown in the video below it, and lets you get close-up shots without needing to get near to your subject. It comes with 5x optical zoom.

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The final product is comparable as the primary camera’s capabilities, the company states. This is something we’ve never seen before in macro cameras.

This technology also permits the use of a larger aperture which can be vital for capturing good images.

In addition, Tecno says the design is extremely small and doesn’t require a large housing, but it didn’t give details.

The company hasn’t provided a specific date when we can expect the Tecno smartphone sporting the brand new telescopic lens. However, it’s likely to be in the coming year, we know for certain.