Online Guide: How to Convert Excel Files to PDF on PDFBear

Do you need to convert your Excel file to a PDF file? Excel to PDF conversion will no longer be a problem. Converting your Excel file to PDF will give you many advantages. You may open the file without having Microsoft Office installed, and you can easily print it to distribute the spreadsheet and save time.

In this time of the pandemic, everything transitions online even documents, and spreadsheets. The PDF file is the world’s most important file. It is very different when it comes to words and other file formats. One of the reasons PDFs are still so popular is their ability to store information regarding layouts, fonts, and images. PDF is designed to appear the same no matter what device the user is using. In most circumstances, it makes no modifications to the original file and displays it exactly as it is.]

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How will you do that then? Where are you going to convert your file? The answer for that is To convert Excel to PDF, just go to So, here are the steps on how to convert your Excel file to PDF. Don’t worry, just follow these easy steps, and you are ready for it.

How to convert Excel to PDF

Open the PDFBear website, and upload the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file that you want to convert. There are two options that you can upload your file: selecting or dragging it to the violet-colored toolbox. One option is to go through your saved and stored files in your device’s library and manually choose files. The other one is to drag the Excel file you want to convert to the page.

You don’t need to press anything because it automatically converts your file. Excel files may be uploaded in seconds or less and sent to their server. It is subject to the availability and speed of the user’s internet connection. You can see the conversion percentage of your file at the center of your screen.

You have an option to edit, merge or split the PDF file. Save the file to your computer or download it. PDFBear will let you save it to your device or any other storage device that you have, like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you like, they have an option where you can send it directly to your friends through email or transfer it via other messaging services by copying the created link provided.

The link is valid for the next 14 days. The link will then become invalid, and they will automatically delete it from their servers. But if you are skeptical about this option, you can press the “copy link” so you can manually send an email to your friends. You can also share it with your social media accounts like Twitter, Whatsapp, Linked In, and many more.

Benefits of converting Excel to PDF

Let’s admit it. Excel files are hard to understand, especially for those who are not familiar with Excel, but it is the best when it comes to recording various types of reports and data. So, why do we need to convert Excel files to PDF? PDFs are irreversible files meaning it is an uneditable file. You can view the data, but you cannot edit it right away.

It’s a good approach to ensure that none of the information encoded in your spreadsheet gets changed. It retains the same quality as the original document. So, if you have tables and charts in your Excel file, you can still view them in a high-quality PDF format. If you convert it to PDF, the user will be able to readily grasp its contents because it looks like an ordinary document. You can send the PDF file right away professionally to your colleagues.

What is PDFBear?

There are several PDF converters available online that will convert your files to PDF. But what makes PDFBear unique? PDFBear is a website where you can convert your files into PDF form. You may use it to repair, convert, compress, split, and merge PDF files. It is also secure and safe to use for users’ privacy because after uploading your files, the system will trash everything automatically after an hour.

It is extremely helpful for day-to-day office work. This PDF converter is accessible on any device, whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. PDFBear is also compatible with the majority of today’s web browsers. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and even Internet Explorer.

Features of PDFBear

SSL Encryption

PDFBear assures you that all your files are safe. When you upload a file to PDFBear, it provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. Encrypting your files is a great way to keep your information safe so no one else can steal your identity. Clueless about this feature? To guarantee that you have an SSL connection, look for an “HTTPS” before the web address, or click on the padlock tab at the top left corner of your browser to confirm the website’s security.

Password protected

Aside from SSL Encryption, PDFBear also has a feature where we can protect our files. Nowadays, files are easy to steal and hack, but with PDFBear, you don’t have to worry. Converting to a PDF file provides an added layer of security because it can be password protected. So, even if they have the file, they still need to know the password to open it.

Multiple tools

PDFBear is not just about converting your Excel file to PDF. It’s more than that. There are tons of tools that you can use for your school or office use. You can convert word, ppt, jpg, and other files to PDF. Everything you need is in PDFBear. You can also convert PDF from any other formats. One of the best features of PDFBear is you can sign your file using your electronic signature. Another catch is that if you want your files in one PDF file, you can merge all of them easily with the help of PDFBear.

No need to install any software

Just like what I have mentioned earlier, PDFBear is a website that everyone can access at any time and any place. They guarantee accessibility as long as users of their software have access to the internet. You don’t need to install other software that might slow your PC.


PDFBear is one helpful tool in converting Excel files to PDF and other formats. PDFBear is the best solution for you if you need to convert PDF files easily and securely. You can try PDFBear for free, but if you want to get their unlimited storage space, storage life, and many more, you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan. It might be pricey, but you get the best features and services you want.