OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro Recieivng Oxygen OS 12 Update

A new stable version is rolling out now for those with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro across all regions around the world. The update is based on Oxygen OS 12 which is based upon Android 12. We were able to install the update on an US Unlocked variant of the OnePlus 9 Pro and installed it without issue.

Oxygen OS 12 is a new version that brings improvements to the recently upgraded Android skin. Even after this update the UI retains its Oxygen OS despite the recent merger with the Oppo Color OS team with OnePlus. There are new animations and design elements that are fresh. App icons have also been updated with fresh textures, and as per OnePlus “a design inspired by brand-new materials and uniting lights and layers.”OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9

The OnePlus Shelf is getting a plethora of updates. There are many more Shelf card designs and three new cards available: Earphone Control Card, OnePlus Scout (universal search) and the OnePlus Watch Card to check your fitness statistics.

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Work-Life Balance is available in the latest update, and it allows you to toggle between Life and Work modes by using a Quick Setting. Each mode is customizable using app-specific notification settings and each one can be activated by location, Wi-Fi network, or even the time.

The Gallery is upgraded to allow pinch-to-zoom layouts when scrolling through thumbnails. Canvas Always-On-Display has been updated with new designs as well as lines of color and more control over the appearance and colors.

Be sure to follow the your cation since the update has already been accompanied by a several accounts about signal degradation. We’re able to confirm that we did not experience this issue with T-Mobile using our OnePlus 9 Pro. It’s also odd that as of the moment this article was published, OnePlus hasn’t officially posted regarding the upgrade on the OnePlus Forums like they normally do.