How to Get More Views on YouTube – 5 Tips to Try Today

YouTube is the second most visited online resource in the world after Google. The site has long ceased to be a storage of memes and funny videos about cats. Both advertising and publishing content on YouTube provide tangible business benefits. According to polls, the platform ranks second among the most popular social network for influencer marketing. Therefore, if you are thinking about the active promotion of your channel on the platform or seeking to get more views on Youtube, it’s the right time. The social network will suit both business owners and creative people with completely new ideas for video content. But what can you do to get more and more people to watch your videos?

Design Your Channel Professionally

Create your custom style. Design the channel using original colors, a unique and memorable logo, a clear description, and thumbnails that have a single structure and resonate with the channel’s topic and aesthetics. Upload a banner optimized for any gadget and tied to the main idea of your channel. Since it is the first thing the user sees, provide basic introductory information there, for instance:

  • the format (formats) of the content,
  • symbols related to the channel,
  • an upcoming release,
  • the time of regular publications, etc.

An avatar or logo helps the viewer to establish an association between your personal or corporate brand and the content it produces, which makes it easier to remember the channel. Thumbnails work to grab the attention of a potential subscriber regardless of whether a video is featured in the recommendation or on the channel itself. A masterfully crafted “teaser” entices the users to open the video and watch it right to the end. You can leverage a YouTube intro maker without downloading any additional software to create stunning visual pieces.

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Learn SEO Basics for Video

YouTube SEO implies optimizing videos, playlists, and channels to occupy the highest positions in organic search results for a given query. And as is always the case with SEO, using keywords helps to get a video to the top.

The simplest way to spot keywords for videos is by embracing YouTube’s Suggestions feature. You need to start entering a query related to your topic or an inquiry that may be of interest to your target audience in the YouTube search bar without completing the input — you will see how the platform begins to offer different options. These are not just random suggestions; they are based on what users are looking for and want to watch on the platform. Use these suggestions as themes for your videos. Also, pry into competitors’ channels to learn what kind of videos they are shooting and what keywords they are targeting.

Link Your Video Content to Other Web Resources

It is pretty obvious that most people will be accessing your videos from other sites in addition to YouTube itself. You should post videos on your website or blog and share them across multiple social media platforms. Be sure to include a link to your YouTube channel. Do not miss the opportunity to publish your content on websites related to the subject of your videos. This will allow you to attract more users without paying for the services of specialized companies if you have a limited budget and you are not ready to invest money yet.

Try Different Promotion Methods

Paid methods involve special services, for example, those that allow buying a certain number of views or subscribers. In this case, it is recommended to choose services promising not only increased views but also audience retention. In addition, channel owners can place paid ads or share links with other bloggers with similar ideas and focus in order to attract really interested users.

Enable Subtitles

Adding subtitles to videos is an excellent solution for multiplying views and increasing the channel’s rating in general. Thanks to them, people who speak other languages ​​or have hearing problems will be able to watch your videos on YouTube. High-quality translation of your content into several languages will open your brand to the global market and support positive societal tendencies towards the equality of all people. Subtitles can also be very helpful in places with heavy background noise or where the sound has to be turned off.

And at The End…

The last thing worth mentioning is keeping in touch with users. If you are just at the initial stage of developing a video blog, make sure to interact with your new and regular viewers by answering their questions, responding to their comments, and taking into account at least some of their tips and ideas. Do not hesitate to ask them to subscribe and click on the “bell” although it may seem a bit too obvious and annoying. The time-honored call to action works fine for many new subscribers and makes YouTube algorithms display your content in recommendations.