Google accidentally pushes Android 11 Beta to some Pixels despite delayed announcement

Android 11 Beta to some Pixels despite delayed announcement

Google was initially planned to make a few declarations on June 3 that were waiting because of the dropping of Google I/O. It was additionally expected to discharge the Android 11 Beta on June 1 for the general population (Android 11 is still under an all-inclusive “Developer Preview” phase). The occasion was as of late delayed because of the continuous strain over the United States.

In spite of Google’s choice to delay the occasion and arrival of the Android 11 Beta, it appears that the update was accidentally pushed to some modest number of Pixel gadgets.

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Some new highlights of Android 11 were found in the new Beta. To begin with, the new force menu that we detailed about on Monday was in the manufacture. a person  ran a string on Twitter demonstrating the updates that were found up until this point.

There are new icon styles for the home screens including: stone, vessel, and tightened square shape. There’s another “Air pocket menu” which lets you limit applications to an air pocket that glides over the UI (much like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads).

The Pixel Launcher’s application recommendations (as found in the top line of the app drawer) would now be able to be placed in the base column of the home screens.