Block Torrent Through Firewall? – Best Way To Fix It!

The block torrent is the one common problem that almost suffers everywhere. The worldwide spread network of torrents gives the facility to every country. But the conflict with the copywriting holders makes the whole situation worse. They try to shut down access to the torrent hosting websites. As a result, countries could not access the torrent fastest search engine 13377x.

13377x unblock is possible by the usage of VPN. The local ISP is trying to block the path of torrents. The VPN allows you to connect to a different country server where the 13377x and mirror image of the torrents is not banned. The worldwide situated network of the torrents wants to give the facility to the viewers.

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When pirating and copywriting of the documents post a threat for the copywriters? Your system firewall doesn’t let you open the 13377xBut if you can not access the VPN, then there is some process that can solve the problems quickly. Trial and error correction is the only process that you can apply to solve the problem.

The ways that you can follow to unblock the torrents.

Try Different DNS Servers

Like any other internet related problem, you first try to restart the internet settings from different locations. The torrents used in various areas are sometimes proved fruitful. Then try to change your DNS server. The DNS server settings are changing.

Most of the viewers are using the DNS server, which is controlled by your ISP that is the root cause of blocking the torrents by firewall. If you can shift your VPN settings to a public VPN, most of the problems will be solved.

The popular public VPN servers are

  • Open DNS|
  • Google DNS |
  • Comodo DNS |
  • Cloudflare |
  • Quad9|

You can change any DNS server preference by these simple steps for windows.

First, choose the network Device settings and right-click

Choose Properties > IPv4 to change Properties.

Last, change the DNS server preference.

And for finishing the task, click OK.

On Linux, you have to edit the connections by choosing the Network applet.

And edit the IPv4 Settings.

On macOS, you have to do the change from System Preferences and choose the advanced DNS server.

You can change the DNS Server settings from every operating system.

Use VPN Server in Premium

The website unblocking is just a small step towards your success. The first time torrents unblocking is just a phase. After the first time liberating, there is a possibility your farewell does not let you open the torrents website. Even your firewall can only block the torrents in the specific networks.

If these problems occur, then try the paid service of the VPN server. The server premium has significantly fewer restrictions. They quickly unblock the site and encrypt your data also. That means the premium VPN servers do not count your network activity also.

Here is a small list of the popular VPN servers.

  • Surf Shark
  • Cyberghost
  • Express VPN
  • Hide. me

Use Port 80

ISP of some areas is trying to block the ports for interfering with the copywriting conflicts.

Then port 80 will work as a savior. Port 80 is a default HTTP data transfer port. Network admin could not block it. They have to give access.

You can easily apply port 80 by just choosing the network preference.

Deny the random port access and choose only the port 80 option.HTTP server responds to all port 80 generated requests.

But this process can slow down your torrents speed, but one thing is better that you do not have to pay for the seedbox.

Use Free VPN

The free VPN acts like a mass unblocker. The VPN routing the data traffic through an encrypted tunnel that helps the hide the IP address

This is the one popular method of changing into a free VPN to access the torrents. The people who don’t want to mess with the network settings always found a smart way to choose free VPN access. The VPN encrypts the data of the users that help you to hide the IP address.

That is also helpful when you are showing as a distance user from a different country. You just have to do one thing, choose the right country where the site is not blocked. These free VPN are not always coasting free some of them have a hidden coast.

Choose A Authorized Client

The authentication of the client is always in a clouded state for torrents only. There is a very high chance of copywriting and piracy.

If you are a legal and authentic user, then they also have to choose the proper client. Bit torrents suffer from security-related issues, and Q Torrents are also in a vulnerable state in the data security aspect.

The legal and paid users of the torrents must be more careful. The standard and authentic recognition of the client should always be checked before using their platform.


Torrent is one of the popular platforms among the viewers. Not only the movies, but this platform is also becoming popular among all types of viewers. As they use the P2P method, this is a smart and faster way of sharing the files. The previous usage of torrents shares the copyright contents. But now the situation is getting changed, and as a result, many countries block the torrents site. Every problem can be solved by choosing the right path.

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