Best 3 ways to convert DOC to PDF 2023

The best choice is the word format that is to make changes and editing. It keeps the works going on while the preferred option is the PDF to view or share documents. Converting a word format allows making edits and from a word document creating a pdf ensures security of the document.

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PDFs are convenient to distribute document and they are seen by all the parties in the same way. Creating documents typically using another app is helpful and then converting the same into PDF is possible. You can see here how to convert DOC to PDF.

Convert a Document to PDF Using Word is one of the best ways to convert DOC to PDF. The steps are:

  • Go to as the first step.
  • Drag and drop your DOCX file or Doc in the Word to PDF converter.
  • The PDF conversion takes place immediately. You can select PDF or any other file format.
  • Feel free to edit, compress or modify the file.
  • Select the page size, orientation, and other necessary options for conversion.
  • Click the button for download and wait for the pdf file to get downloaded.
  • Now export or download it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

The saving process is automated and carried out by Microsoft Office. Dragging and dropping manually enables deleting uploaded files after processing. Share the email or file with another party or create on the result page a downloadable URL. In this way your PDF is safe and does not give access to anyone to lay hands to your document.

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Converting word Doc to PDF is a tool allowing converting with ease into PDFs the word documents. The download version will come as trial version and later to use it one has to pay. Free word to PDF converter is good, but is underwhelming. It is good enough and works well. Creating or editing a document in Google Docs or word requires you to pick the option of PDF and to save or download. People needing a standalone Word to PDF converter will find it perfect, but it will not come for free for a longer time.


It is a DOC to PDF tool for editing and conversion.  It is a breeze work to export easily other file formats through Google Drive and Dropbox. PDF Element is a PDF top-rated editing and conversion tool supporting Microsoft office formats using a range of file types. The toolbar in PDFElement includes batch converting options from Word documents and combines into a single PDF. The Word document is in PDF format creating an accurate representation.

The PDF Element is a conversion tool available for yearly subscription. There are varying pricing options and the features vary as per the price. The Pro version includes batch processing. It is worth considering as the editing tools PDF are the most intuitive to use.

PDF Element gives complete control over the PDF files. It allows creating PDFs of high-quality, retaining the formatting. Using its PDF editing tools one can easily edit PDF text, images or other elements. Converting the file simplifies your work. It works seamlessly.

Converting Doc to PDF with PDF Element

  • Download the software PDF Element on your device.
  • Import the word file and click on Create PDF. Select the file to convert and click open.
  • Automatically the doc will get converted and be available ready to edit for you.
  • If you want do changes and save the work.  For this, go to File tab and choose the option Save As and name the file and choose PDF in the formats section.
  • Click on save button and convert a Word doc to PDF with PDF Element.

PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is a DOCX to PDF professional level converter offline that permits converting PDFs with simple clicks into multiple output formats. This Doc to PDF converter is compatible with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, and image formats. It enables converting PDF documents as password-protected. The scanned documents can convert doc to Pdf into editable texts, resize pages and change, as well using the OCR feature.

Converting Doc to PDF with PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is a PDF professional easy-to-use converter. You may download on your device or convert offline the PDF files. You may download from its official website and install as per the instructions.

  • Installing the PDF Converter Pro, you can click on the software main page, Create PDF and click on Add Files. You can select from the redirected Open Page and select the Word file to convert. Click on Open button and it automatically adds to the software.
  • Drag and drop notions are added alternatively to the option add files.
  • Once the file opens in the software, you can click on the button Create and the Word doc converts into PDF.