6 Video Editing Tips For Beginners – 2022 Guide

If you’re just starting with video editing, getting things right can be very difficult. It can also be a very lengthy process if you don’t know how to do it right. To keep things efficient and simple, there are some tricks that almost every video editor follows. If you are a novice video editor, you should try them for yourself.

At some point, it becomes your second nature, and the editing process begins to flow. There is no exhaustive list of things to remember while editing, but they are some of the most important. Learning these video editing tips will help you deepen your knowledge and ultimately find your video editing style.

Here are The Six Tips to Follow

  1. Make Backups of Your Video
  2. Add Relevance to Your Videos
  3. Choose the Right Video editor
  4. Edit your videos using the right Effects
  5. Think About What kind of Music You Want to Add
  6. Use the Right Hardware

1. Make Backups of Your Video and Locate them when You Want

Perhaps the most important thing you can do in your project is to make multiple backups. Making this a habit can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. If your computer crashes unexpectedly or if your editing program fails, you can use backup to get it back.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen with video editing is not being able to find a particular clip or media. The editor should also be able to find the file you are using. Therefore, if something is moved for some reason, it’s a hassle to track it again. That’s why it’s so important to create a clean, organized folder to hold your files. It’s a good idea to organize your clips before editing.

How you organize them is entirely up to you and depends on the type of project you are working on. If you don’t know how to organize your files, the rule of thumb is the chronological order in which the clips were recorded. The goal is to find something quickly and easily when you need it.

2. Add Relevance to Your Videos

Take advantage of text, screenplay, script, and highlight the main points of the video, especially in the case of tutorials and instructional videos. Therefore, when you create a script, you can highlight some of the words or phrases that you think might appear as text in your video and repeat your perspective.

Plan your story well and fit in all the relevant edits like CTA, Hashtags, Thumbnails, Keywords, and make your videos SEO enriched and audience-friendly. If you don’t have a clear idea of what the final video will look like, you’re wasting your time figuring out how to capture unwanted footage and stitch the stories together. Here comes the relevance of an intriguing storyboard. It helps you pre-imagine your entire video in the form of a mini-scene and allows you to edit it effectively.

3. Choose the Right Video editor

You can either make or break your video with the video editor you choose. If you’re trying to add many effects and edit what you want to, have full control over your creativity. You may need a more specialized program to create a short film, a long YouTube video, a music video, or a commercial.

However, if you’re editing a video that doesn’t require a lot of editing, consider using something simpler so that you don’t overwhelm and spend a lot of money on features you don’t need. Also, pay attention to features and characteristics that your editor offers you. Doing some research on editing apps or programs can help you immensely in the long run.

4. Edit your videos using the right Effects

With all the options available to add interesting video effects and transitions, you may want to incorporate many of them into your project. However, if it’s too complicated, it can do more damage than anything else. Try not to distract your viewers by adding too many visual effects.

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Overuse can make it sticky or overwhelming. It is more important to use the effect only if it has a meaningful effect on the video. When it comes to transitions, it’s usually better to be less noticeable. The clip-to-clip movement should go smoothly. If you use too many transition effects, you can’t focus on what you’re trying to convey. Remember that the less the effect, the more.

5. Think About What kind of Music You Want to Add to The Video

Choose the right kind of intro/outro or foreground/background music for your videos. Music can be a subtle/integral part of the video that instantly connects with your audience. It has the power to evoke emotions. If you want to proceed with editing like a promotional video, select a song before you start editing the video and make sure the music is in sync with the pace of the video.

Focus on the structure of the song or music you will be using. For example, if your video starts slowly with a time-lapse shot and starts in the middle, you need to find a song that does the same. If the music only adds to the mood of the video, add it as a final step in editing. Music should match the theme, style, tone, and mood of your video.

6. Use the Right Hardware

This is probably one of the most overlooked sections but has a bigger impact on your editing workflow than if you combined all the tips above. With the right video editing hardware, you can prevent video delays and render graphics easily.

The right hardware for video editing is:

  1. The processor offers excellent performance at a low price.
  2. RAM of at least 4GB of RAM, but the optimum should be 8GB – more is always better. 16GB or more is satisfactory, especially if you are doing complex video editing (4K +).
  3. Graphics Card
  4. Memory – Make sure you have the maximum storage space you can afford when shooting many videos.
  5. Other Computer Considerations-There is a few other things to keep in mind like a USB 3.1, USBC, and a fast internet connection that are highly useful when uploading videos online. Neither of these is strictly required, but if you need to use the slower option, expect to spend a lot of time waiting to share these videos on your social media handles.


These 6 tips can save you a lot of time and effort in editing your videos. It will surely be a hassle in the early stage of video creation and video editing, but as you gain experience and learn to use the tricks and techniques, you too will become a pro in editing.