2024’s Top 10 Sites to Get Paid for Reading Books Earn While You Enjoy!


For avid readers, the idea of getting paid to indulge in a favorite pastime might seem too good to be true. However, in 2024, there are numerous platforms that offer exactly that – the opportunity to get paid for reading books. These sites not only provide a source of income but also allow you to share your love for literature with a wider audience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 sites where you can turn your passion for reading into a profitable venture.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads, a leading social platform for book enthusiasts, offers a “First Reads” program where members can enter giveaways for a chance to win free books in exchange for a review. While it doesn’t provide direct cash compensation, it’s an excellent way to receive free books and share your opinions with a large community of fellow readers.

2. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is a well-known book review magazine that occasionally hires freelance reviewers. They pay for reviews of both traditionally published and self-published books. If you’re a skilled writer with a critical eye, this platform offers a chance to monetize your literary expertise.

3. NetGalley

NetGalley connects publishers and authors with book reviewers, providing access to advance reader copies (ARCs) of upcoming releases. While not a direct payment platform, it allows you to read books before they’re officially published, giving you a head start on writing reviews and potentially gaining a following.

4. Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a platform that pays reviewers for providing honest feedback on a wide range of books. The site covers various genres, and payments are made via PayPal. It’s an excellent opportunity for dedicated readers to earn money while discovering new authors.

5. BookLook Bloggers

BookLook Bloggers provides free books in exchange for reviews on your blog and a retailer’s website. While the compensation is in the form of free books, this can still be a valuable perk for passionate readers looking to expand their personal library.

6. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery offers a platform for indie authors to connect with reviewers and readers. Reviewers can receive payments for their reviews, and there’s also the potential to earn through an affiliate program. This platform focuses on independently published books, providing an opportunity to support emerging authors.

7. Women’s Review of Books

The Women’s Review of Books pays for reviews of books authored by women. This platform is dedicated to promoting the work of women writers, and reviewers are compensated for their contributions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support and highlight women’s voices in literature.

8. Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books hires reviewers to read and provide feedback on a variety of book genres. Reviewers receive payment for their services, making it a straightforward way to monetize your reading hobby.

9. Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is a freelancing platform that occasionally posts opportunities for book reviewers. While it may not be solely dedicated to book reviews, it’s worth keeping an eye on for occasional paid reviewing gigs.

10. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly, a prominent industry publication, sometimes hires freelance reviewers. They cover a wide range of genres and offer compensation for well-written, insightful reviews.


In 2024, the dream of getting paid for doing what you love – reading books – is very much a reality. These ten platforms offer diverse opportunities for bibliophiles to turn their passion into a source of income. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a dedicated reader, or both, these sites provide a space where your opinions and insights are valued. So, dive into the world of paid book reviews and earn while you enjoy the written word!